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please read this if you are considering applying for membership

To join a family based squad such as Dancom Delta is no easy undertaking. You don't last 10 years as an online family by allowing anyone to join, we are selective and so are those who want to join us. Our members are backed by a support network that goes beyond gaming. Yes we have qualified IT support people, graphic designers, network engineers, web developers and individuals with a range of online talents. However we also have a network of caring individuals that have come to the aid of members both emotionally and financially...Dancom Delta is a family and we look after our own and our friends. Dancom Delta has members ranging from our juniors, yes we have second generation members, to those that are grandparents. Some are skilled gamers others just play for the fun, it is a unique environment that many have sought to join ......perhaps you are one of them.

Our recruiting cycle varies however once given the opportunity you could wait upwards of 90 days before you get full Dancom Delta tags it varies. However at [ÐÐ] Once a member always a member. Our retired members often call in to say hello to old friends.

"so how do I get in?"

  • Join the forums say hello its ok to be shy most of us are the first time but you will be amazed at the warm welcome you receive

  • Get to know the Dancom members and friend you can do this by joining a game or the forum or plug in your microphone and join the Voice communication server..." the first time I joined the Ventrilo server I was very nervous I wasn't sure what to expect, I listened for a while afraid to talk that was 5 years ago "

  • Feeling confident then submit an application there is a section on the forum that will direct you to the appropriate place if you cant find it ASK... Dancom Delta members love to help.


Ðancom Ðelta Headquaters/Council

if you are having any difficulties, please just ask.


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